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Thursday, April 30, 2009

How to prevent spurious products

For many years , I have been practising this activity as a routine in my life.I thought of sharing this with all of you. Many of you may not be aware that several of the products found in garbage piles find their way back into our household thanks to ingenuity of ragpickers and the spurious product "mafia".

Some of the shocking repackage items include medicine vials, eatables -especially imported products that are packaged in tins, perfumes, milk powder and shocking things like needles and disposable syringes. I have always taken care to prevent this by doing the following:

1. When a medicine is past expiry date , please flush the medicine down the drain if it is liquid or powder. You could dispose capsules or tablets by burying them in ground , for people in apartments it could again be the flush down the drain. Then take off the product description wrapper around the bottle -scratch with a knife and tear it off.

If it is a plastic bottle - punch a hole carefully ( without hurting your fingers or palm) - throw it into your garbage bag. This additional two minutes could be vital in preventing the wanton reuse of the bottle /medicine /drug which can actually help prevent the adulteration industry

2. Scent bottles /perfume cans can be stripped - labels taken off and if it is a can , a hole can be punched (Take a little care as the can is pressurized)

3. With eatables,chocolates,canned items which have gone past their usage date , ensure you open the wrapper and dump in a pit which cannot be accessed by animals which foray for the remains (cows, dogs,cats)

Now read this to find how far people have taken recycling to:

Contribute to being safe!!

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