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Sunday, April 12, 2009


An input from my better half - Sujatha based on her travels (travails) post our marriage which she has accompanied me and lived off suitcases , shared cramped hotel rooms ....I owe a lot to her for her forbearance and camaraderie - unedited post!!

Migrants are those who move from one country to another. When they settle in a foreign land, they become citizens of that land. Becoming citizens of another land means leaving our own origin ,own culture ,own family values etc.., At last loosing our own SELF and adapting to others in all means.
First generation people who migrate first (parents) may follow their own originality 50 – 60 %. Is that possible for the next generation kids growing up in foreign land? NO…………. not at all.
What will happen to children below 18 years of age?
At home they see different lifestyle and outside completely varying atmosphere. What do they do? Their future lies in Study place then in Work place. Is that possible for them to adapt 2 different lives?? So CONFUSION starts from Nursery class. If they want to be successful in near future they have to adapt the foreign culture. It becomes a compulsion but it’s not destined. Parents have to make a clear decision whether their children are to be brought up in their culture or not. So what to do? Age 5 is the year of moulding a brain. It’s a critical time to start shaping up. That’s why they start schooling at that age. Brain is completely developed in this age. Once if we decide to follow any one line we have to be firm on that .From age 5 there should not be any disturbance or confusion for any child in their studies. A change which can be adaptable is accepted. From age 5 to 18
One standard method of schooling should be given to a child. If u decide to mould a kid like an Indian/American/British do the decision before age 5.
Don’t disturb them after.
If u want to be like what u r in a foreign land ,that will work out for an adult but not for a child < 18 … Its impossible to bring back your child to your expectation in all aspects. How does this TOPIC relate to this article?
YES. Of course!!
Have ambitions to study/earn/settle abroad?
1. For studying / earning/ settling there is no age limit if u r single.
If u r a family man having great values for your own religion/culture….
Then age is a criterion to relocate…
Age 22 is the start age to go abroad for higher studies and age 32-35 is the right age to come back to your own country with wife and kids of school starting age. So that with the experience and money u can start a happy home in your home country.
If u have missed this opportunity no need to worry …for GOD has made some other good plans for u to live happily in your own home country without going anywhere outside. It’s not a CRIME settling in our own home town. We must feel proud to have a nice own country .Its like living and growing up with our own parents. Whatever u say settling abroad is like being adopted by a rich couple from an orphanage.
Are we orphans? No …we have our parent country. Why should we feel like that?
Feel the richness of your own country. Don’t search for happiness outside (abroad) its there inside you…within you...bring it out and make your family happy.


  1. I sincerly acknowledge & accept the facts you had shared upon;It's an absolute disaster with those set of unfortunate lot.My sincere thought on this Choice is yours to make--there is nothing like right /wrong & purely depends upon the economic necessity of the conc erned indivdual that he/she thinks shall be more secured to lead a happy retired life.

    My take on this-You are talking about the minoroty lot who got The group of folks settled before 2000 abroad & got well settled now with Citiizenship status (taking US cases for instances,which holds majority share % and where this re-location issues crop up more predominently than any other single country.Just taking US as an example).

    It's those unpriveleged lot who struck inbetween now and who started their career shift in their later part were the major impacted lot.Many of them are unable to to take a call as to settle ina specific immigrant or not with their kids put in schools/colleges whichever case they may be.

    Unlike the above lot,a fresher(girl/boy) who comes out of college and join an Organization ,get married soon(it's relatively early marriage-either love/arranged marriage in most of IT lots due to their financial stability).These younger lot can better plan and select their choices as you've mentioned in a much more convincing manner than those unfortunate lot.

    A final word as there is nothing unfortunate/fortunate-It's you who have to make a choice and a form choice on what you value & what you can compromise without losing ur identity and strong enough to incluculate as much to your kids then for sure we can minimize this impact to a larger extent,if not completly eliminating the risk.

    If you are clear in that these lifestyle & cultural changes and are firm on your root value system,then ther shall not be any confusion.We can live happily wherever you are;Culture shall not be a major hinderance and I virtually seen a few people who are highly successful in this.Others can take a leaf out of their life book.

    PS--In today's dynamic world & work culture,it's imperative for a Professional to adapt to the varied cultural changes and change is the only phenomenon and if he/she is highly aspiring,then family should not come as a hinderance;compromise on the family knit little bit,but instead put kids in a residential schools and provide them the best of education in home country and decide upon later once he/she gets completely settle in the final place of choice.


  2. Hey BIWIZARD:

    Thanks for your inputs