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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Crying need of the hour

This is one of the thoughts I have been harbouring for a long time now, Imagine a world where people do not get cheated,unfairly billed , given a short shrift etc.,

Is it possible with all the policing available, by policing I mean any regulation , legal protection ,watchdog body etc.,The answer will be a resounding nay. What ails the businesses is a fundamental problem , the lack of self governance. If manufacturers reject their low quality goods, if producers do a self check on the services, if pharma companies released drugs that are properly tested, Then world will be a much better place to live in.The ability to regulate one's own processes whether the entity is a company or an individual remains largely with the approach or vision of the entity. There can always be two approaches - let me not do wrong at all vs let me keep doing mistakes/follies as long as no one is able to catch me.
A simple thing like a film director declaring a rating for their films obviating the need for censoring. By self governance , overheads reduce drastically.

This is like a person committing murders on the sly as no one is able to catch him. Equated with the financial crimes that many top ranking politicians, businessmen commit, mass murderers and serial killers fade. These so called powerful people have annihilated societal wealth , propriety and future of thousands of families.

When will this change? Who can change this? will it ever change ? More to follow...

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