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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ganapathi Homam Pooja Item Checklist

Lots of folks perform Ganapthi Homam for removing obstacles and heralding progress. We performed the same at our place. The sastrigal(s) came in at about 4.30 AM and performed the event , they completed the homam by about 7.00 AM and left the place.

It was done very well and rendered  a lot of lingering satisfaction. Here is a list of items -homa dravyams for your ready reference.

You could paste it on a word document and be done with your shopping in a jiffy. The shops opposite Vallabha Ganapathi temple in Arya Gowder road will have all the pooja items readily.

 Please feel free to add if I have indeed missed any key item out. God Bless


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