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Friday, June 18, 2010

Storm in my Kaapi cup ! Vivekananda coffee stall sucks

I was enthralled when I passed by Siva Vishnu  TNagar as I got very good filter coffee from Vivekananda Coffee shop for Rs 10/-. I introduced  several of my friends and it became my wont to regularly have a cuppa when I passed that side.

Recently I ordered a cuppa and instructed the person preparing the coffee to give a strong one without sugar.The coffee was rank bad as the quality has come down several notches. I talked to the person at the counter - a dark chap who was heftily built. He acted like a bully and tried his posturing. I left with a bad taste lingering in my mouth.

I really pity the owner of this joint which I have decided not to visit  ever again. If you want good coffee and good service, forget this shop.

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