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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mera employer mahaan nahin!

During the recent recession ( BTW has the trouble moved on :)? ), most employers across the globe launched a series of initiatives which "hurt" the feelings of even the most loyal of employees.

Some of the practices which a fantastically uber hyped company did was to practically lock all rest rooms after 4.00 PM and deny even drinking water to employees.
Newspapers were not there, coffee decoction was replaced with instant coffee powder , many coffee pantries were restricted and people had to search for their water and coffee.Rest rooms stank to high heavens as employers felt cleaning charges could be reduced. Voluntarily companies created an atmosphere of fear and retribution when it was least required.

Companies did not then understand that they were cutting down the anchor root of employee engagement . Agreed every employee turns up at work for his paycheque( except if your uncle's  last name is Gates :)) - you expect to be treated like a decent human being when you turn up for work daily.

These inane cost cutting efforts resulted in employees thinking of  " concentration camps" and reacting swiftly when the market opened up.Employees quit when least expected and when they are very critical in the value chain.

Attrition has been at an all time high with all the IT majors who inevitably have played quite dirty during trying times.
But is there a possibility of " rolling back " ....i.e., making employees forget whatever has happened?

I for one do not opine so , rather the top management can apologize sincerely for whatever things that transpired and they can take recourse to oft repeated rant of " business exigency"...

It has left an average employee much wiser as to how low down can large companies stoop to when situation demands.

Unsurprisingly there are some Tier 1 companies which have released scores of job offers for potential recruits - but none have accepted the offer - a sad state of affairs indeed!

It makes one exclaim that : Mera Company Mahaan Nahi! after all this.

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