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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Don't under estimate the power of social media

Slowly yet surely, there is a realization that social media is here to stay , grow and ultimately dominate. Over the last few years there has been phenomenal involvement of people across the globe ,especially the Gen Y which has embraced the concept of social media with both hands. With the advent of this ever growing trend , the last bastions of "privacy" are being questioned brutally.

We increasingly hear of people tweeting at marriage altars, war zones and even in death situations. SMSes which I feel are first generation or primitive social exchange tools have evolved and grown into full fledged audio , video blogging , tweeting , blogging and so on.This quantum leap has been aided in no mean measure by the birth of several electronic devices - not restricted to mobile phones.Today we can see several mobile devices being advertised as social media ready.

As a user of social media , I have observed hitherto suppressed voice of the common man bursting out with full gusto - citizen journalism is on the rise , people blogging for causes ( just and otherwise), celebrity bashing , a wonderful unknown flower of self publishing is blooming which will give rise to different genres of writing.

It is as simple as "Veni Vidi and Vici - I came,I saw and I conquered ( - I came , I blog and I publish. Some of the blogs are hotly followed - so are tweets ( celebrities , infamous and the like). Bottom line companies can not ignore or choose an indifferent stance on social media and its use/abuse by its people.

In fact several companies like Dell have used twitter to rake up a decent revenue

Top headhunters use linkedin to seek managerial candidates. Wake up to the power of social media.If you are a company or an individual or a enterprenuer, you will require to harness this new set of tools to survive and succeed in the current business scenario.

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