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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Governance - The Missing piece in today's life

With news channels pouring in information about the alleged doings of a world renown golfer who was considered as a role model couple of weeks back - I was thinking about the concept of governance or the utter lack of it in our society.

The global crash engineered by a few oversmart and highly greedy individuals (folks with the CXO tag attached to their names), have clearly displayed that intelligence and ethics do not reside in the same mind. These megalomaniacs in their quest for large mega deals have ensured utter financial ruin for scores of families.
Also we are attracted by these famous personalities like the golfer in news for this alleged wrong doings. He was cultivating a carefully "manicured" image of a family man and a great human being.Let me be clear here. The golfer's private life and his affairs are not something I want to discuss here.

The fact is the MASK which he started wearing and years later , there were too many masks. At a point in time, when the masks fall off , the ugly face is revealed. Madoff was another classic case. The need for self governance steps in. If people do not pose/act as they do now, society will be a much better place than it is now.

Some how schools, management institutes have clearly missed teaching the students ethics and values.We have wicked geniuses who are out to create ruin by their uber excesses. The individuals who we normally view as icons or models to emulate also fall from grace regularly.

There is another view here - what is legal and what is illegal. The difference is clearly in black and white.But what is moral and immoral is not dictated by law, hence these shoddy falls from grace are regular media happenings.

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