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Monday, December 14, 2009

Are children of IT couples safe at home?|6QYp3kQ=&SEO=

After having read this article, my thoughts just zeroed on several articles about child abuse at various day care centres when we were abroad. Now the problem has gotten closer home and staring at us. Though there could be several arguments about one of the working spouses quitting and carrying on as a full time child carer, no one can pass a value judgement about "greed" etc., given the cost of living rise which we are witness to.

How do we ensure that as parents, we do adequate ground work so our children do not end up as victims and ultimately as a statistic.

1. Choosing a play shool - Costly not equal to quality. Many among us have an insensible thought that any costly service will be good. So how do we differentiate?

People who run the show: Check for the promoter's credentials - has he/she any background in child care/teaching etc?

Ayahs,support staff : check for hygiene ,check for their normal interactions with children, it might be good to take your child along to see how the child vibes with the people

Infrastructure : Well ventilated , clean , hygienic restrooms, adequate supply of toys/learning material,

Neighborhood - Safe vicinity , preferably not in the center of a bustling market , factory, garage etc., ( noise , chemicals, dust etc.,can damage children more)

Security : does the institution give some attention to children safety and welfare. do they check the credentials of people who come to pick up children etc.,

Other parents : are you comfortable with the type of parents who will be your peers

As usual our rant will end with a lament for Government to "certify" these places which is never going to happen. These are "niche" businesses which will never be governed though they are of great importance.

These are crucibles in which future minds are moulded....what do you think? What in your honest opinion will make these entities more transparent?

Please share your thoughts... Cheers Srini

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